Living The Wild Heart Life means challenging the (totally false) unconscious beliefs we’ve grown to accept. It means busting through the limitations set by the toxic relationships ruining our lives. It means finally shifting your energy so you’re no longer attracting negative people and circumstances into your life.

By breaking these chains, we are free to embrace the happiness and freedom that come with a life where we are fulfilled, aligned, and finally loved for exactly who we are.

Maybe it’s a lack of adequate parental figures. Maybe it’s a history of divorce. Maybe it’s just an overwhelming sense of “wtf is happening?”

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you and I have something in common.

I’ve been there… and then some. I grew up without my dad. My mother brought 6 stepdads into my life, none of which were ideal male authority figures and one was emotionally abusive.

I got married when I was 26 to a narcissist who was chock full of red flags that I blissfully ignored. When I finally had enough, my three kids and I were forced to move multiple states away just to escape his wrath.

Phew, the shitstorm was over, right? Wrong.

I reconnected with someone from my past and decided YES, he was the one. We got married and guess what? It fucking happened again. I had avoided the red flags and ignored my own needs for so long that I had no idea who I was anymore, all I knew was that I needed OUT.

So. Divorce number two.

What the hell is wrong with me? It’s a question I asked myself over and over until God whacked me over the head… lovingly, of course.

Guess what was wrong with me? NOTHING. I was a product of my environment. I had grown up with a complete lack of support, so I thought that as long as I could take care of everyone, everything would be fine. I grew into a chronic people pleaser. I never once gave myself the time of day because I was too busy fixing everything else. 

So I said, “fuck it.” I did a complete 180. I became obsessed with focusing on myself. I did more inner work than I knew was possible and I was coming out of it a different person. I was no longer worried about what anyone else thought of me, all that mattered was how I felt, and what I thought of me.

While I did the inner work, I did the outer work too. I dove into fitness and within 6 months I was competing on stage. I felt like I was shedding the skin of the person I used to be and I was ready to take on the fucking world. For the first time in my life, I was in a healthy, gorgeous relationship with the most important person in the world: MYSELF. This is how coaching chose me. I had never thought about coaching, but once I was experiencing my own growth, I knew I had a responsibility to share it with the world. Too many people out there are trapped in toxic places, with no idea that there is an out. There are people out there assuming that going from shitty relationship to shitty relationship is just how it has to be. 

I had to find them and say “NO. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS!”

So now, I use what I’ve learned to help others on their own journey. It’s the most rewarding thing in the world and I am 100% confident that this is why I was put on this earth. And the fact that you’re reading this right now means you were meant to hear this message. There are no coincidences. So I’m so glad you’re here.

PS - if you want to know a little more about me, feel free to check out my podcast, Silence the Sh*t Talker. I’ve also been featured on Thrive Global, The American Reporter, Newsbreak, and Influencive. I was named the Top Inspirational Self-Love and Confidence Coach to Watch by Disrupt Magazine and I’m excited to share that I’m currently working on my next book!