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I am a mindset and relationship expert and founder of Heart-Centered Academy. I continue to facilitate thousands of men and women to break out of unhealthy relationship patterns and find true love by understanding the root mechanisms that keep them in a harmful cycle.

My own experience with toxic relationships started in an unstable environment growing up with an absent mother and a string of unsuitable stepdads. After going through my second divorce, I had an epiphany about harmful patterns that changed the entire trajectory of my life, and I have dedicated my life ever since to becoming a master coach with the insights and empathy to transform lives.

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Maverick Part 3: This Podcast Just Might Trigger You

On today’s episode of Silence the Sh*t Talker, we continue on to part 3 with Maverick Willet. Melanie and Maverick pick up where they left off with the topic of porn. They address why some people feel triggered by porn, what happens psychologically to habitual porn users, and share some of their own personal stories with porn. Maverick and Melanie both get raw and real as they discuss receiving love, cultivating happiness, and how we view as well as the impact of money in one’s life. You don’t want to miss this encouraging episode.


  • [02:01] Maverick discusses triggers and what happens psychologically to habitual porn users
  • [10:09] Melanie shares her own experience with porn
  • [21:24] Guilt and shame, working to overcome them 
  • [34:33] Maverick shares how it is hard for him to receive love 
  • [44:59] Find out the importance of cultivating happiness
  • [52:05] Melanie and Maverick discuss the impact of money


  • Porn can be addictive and change your psychological triggers. It cannot replace intimacy and oftentimes affects relationships. There is no shame if your story includes porn.
  • You can be happy when you find what makes you happy. And then find it again.
  • Money is not evil. It can be used to impact others for good.


Maverick Willett (known by many as the MILF Whisperer and/or your Emotional Support Viking) has taken the women’s body transformation coaching industry by storm with his combination of polarizing marketing, impactful education, and vulnerability rarely seen from male figures in the health & wellness space.

Maverick is a former Army Ranger Veteran whose niche extends exclusively to women age 30+, single moms, and divorcees looking to lose 25+ lbs. and get their “revenge body” all while following a cutting-edge female-geared metabolic nutrition formula.

With over 2500 applications per week, the Revenge Body Metabolic REVAMP has distinguished itself as the “Prada of Women’s Body Transformation Coaching”, delivering a premium service that makes the mass-market crash dieting programs revealed to be cookie-cutter, unsustainable, and mentally draining.

Maverick operates with a team of 15 female coaches, all nutrition certified, and many are former clients from the program who transformed their bodies into a leaner, sexier version and have now taken on the role of empowering other women to accomplish the same.

True to his vision and authentic in his purpose, Maverick is hell-bent on recognition as the internationally-recognized platinum standard for women’s body transformation and continuing to establish a foothold as “The guy who gets women, their struggles, and their bodies.”

Maverick is a single dad who resides in South Florida with his 2-year-old son, Denver.

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