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Hello Beautiful Souls

My intention with this podcast, SilenceThe Sh*t Talker, is for you to find everything you’ve been looking for. The answers you have been seeking, you will find here. By listening to this podcast, you learn everything you need to create the love, luxury and limitless life that is your birthright. 

We all need to learn how to Silence The Sh*t Talker in all aspects of our lives. From our careers, to our relationships with our partners, family, friends and even ourselves. It is our divine right to be the best version in all areas, our bodies, our minds and our souls. And from today forward, you’ll learn how to stop focusing on the people around you and start focusing on becoming the person you want to attract. 

You’re here because you know you want badass relationships - with friends, family… and definitely with significant others. You might be stuck in a pattern of jealous friendships, crumbling breakups, and strained work relationships. And it’s my life’s mission to help you break free from these negative cycles permanently. 

Do you want the truth (and it can sometimes hurt), the realness and authenticity in a podcast, a no bullshit approach, no judgment, and getting straight to the root of the issues that are holding you back from your happiness? Then Silence the Sh*t Talker is the podcast for you. 

I will share with you the reasons why you are in a state of feeling stuck or suffering and “how to” change it. Not only have I helped hundreds of my clients break free from the cycle of self-sabotage and create the types of relationships they’ve always dreamed of, I've helped them find their true inner peace and confidence with who they are. Learn to give yourself what you need and not wait for others to do it for you. By embracing your strengths and weaknesses you will learn to have a better relationship with yourself and fall in love with who you really are.

Believe me when I tell you, it wasn’t always this way for me. After surviving an abusive childhood I found myself in not one, but two very toxic marriages...and in the aftermath of my second divorce, I was forced to make some hard realizations about myself. In fact, I used to be the biggest mess you’ve ever seen. But I made a commitment to take control over my thoughts and my behaviors so I could finally overcome the patterns that were holding me back from the life I wanted. 

I’ve made it my mission to help people retrain their minds so they can find inner peace and self-worth, attract the right partners that will love them, and confidently take charge of their futures and garner the respect they deserve. Your mind is responsible for echo-locating the kind of lasting, true, devoted love you’re looking for. So join me every other week as we get down to learning the steps to break free from these negative cycles permanently. 

Biography :

I am a mindset and relationship expert and founder of Heart-Centered Academy. I continue to facilitate hundreds of men and women to break out of unhealthy relationship patterns and find true love by understanding the root mechanisms that keep them in a harmful cycle.

My own experience with toxic relationships started in an unstable environment growing up with an absent mother and a string of unsuitable stepdads. After going through my second divorce, I had an epiphany about harmful patterns that changed the entire trajectory of my life, and I have dedicated my life ever since to becoming a master coach with the insights and empathy to transform lives.

- Featured on Thrive Global
- Featured in The American Reporter
- Featured in Newsbreak
- Featured in Influencive
- Named Top Inspirational Self-Love
- Confidence Coaches to Watch by Disrupt Magazine
- 4 years of coaching and implementation
- Over 5000 + hours of learning


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